Friday, February 1, 2013

Bands of Many Colors

Progress as of 31 January

Eileen Bennett
Published in Just Cross Stitch magazine in seven parts starting with the September 1990 issue, design currently available for purchase from various online retailers and possibly from your LNS.  

Stitching on 40 ct. Lakeside Linens vintage light exemplar with DMC threads as charted, except 842 substituted for 739 to more closely match linen color.  Parts one and two completed, and part three started.  

My notes:  If you decide to stitch this from Just Cross Stitch, read ALL of the directions for ALL of the parts before starting, because there are more complete instructions for some of the stitches in later parts, including the note to use a color that matches your choice of linen in place of 739.  Also, this has A LOT of over one stitching (the stag, the verse, the thistle, some of the personalization), so bear that in mind when you choose your linen*.  

Started 14 January

*I chose my linen to fit a frame that I bought at a thrift store...

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  1. Hello, returning the following! Love this sampler, it looks very complicated but beautiful.


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